Sandy Cheeks
Sandy cheeks
General Information
Gender: Female
Color: Brown
Eye Color: Black
Occupation(s): Scientist/Inventor
Aliases: Miss Appear
Family & Friends
Family: Father ("Pa")
Mother ("Ma")
Scottish Cousin (seen in Stanley S. SquarePants)
Dark Knight (ancestor)
Randy (twin brother)
Western Ancestor (seen in a Pest of the West short)
Friends: SpongeBob SquarePants
Patrick Star
Eugene Krabs
Larry the Lobster
Pearl Krabs
Pet(s): Birdy
several others
Employer: A trio of chimpanzess who first appear in "The Fishes Problem".
Enemies: Plankton
Man Ray
The Dirty Bubble
Barnacle Man
Other Informations
Interests: Science, Karate, Surfing, Weight-lifting, extreme sports,Texas culture
Awards: 8th Annual Goo Lagoon Anchor Toss Competition Champion
Series Information
First appearance: "Pineapples Derby"
Portrayer: Carolyn Lawrence
List of characters

Sandy Cheeks (born November 17, 1987[1]) is one of the central protagonists of the show. She is a female squirrel who is one of SpongeBob's best friends. Sandy is notable for her Texan characteristics and knowledge of karate and science.


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