Nathan "Nat" Peterson
Plankton's Coustumer
General Information
Gender: Male
Color: Yellow, with purple lips and fin
Eye Color: Black
Address: 101 Nat House Bikini Bottom,Pacific Ocean
Occupation(s): Snail Po Company Manager, Bus Driver, Salesman, Glove World employee
Aliases: Natette
Family & Friends
Family: Nancy Suzy Fish (ex-wife)
Rebecca Rechid (ex-wife)
Friends: Evelyn
Mr. Krabs
Enemies: Plankton
Other Informations
Education: Bikini Bottom School
Series Information
First appearance: "Pineapples Derby"
Portrayer: James Arnold Taylor
Daran Norris
List of characters
 Nat Peterson is a Main Hero fish from SBLN. Relationship a Rebecca Rechid.